Will-Based Estate Plans

Will-based estate plans are appropriate for most clients. The Last Will and Testament Portfolio is for families who want to ensure they have basic planning in place and that the right people will care for their children and their children's inheritance if something should happen to both parents. Will-based planning is often appropriate for individuals or married clients whose net estate is below Vermont’s estate tax exemption threshold and where avoiding probate is not a primary goal.

The Last Will and Testament Portfolio includes counseling regarding incapacity planning and wills, preparation of a will and appropriate incapacity planning documents, and preparation of ancillary documents to assist your survivors wrap up your affairs in a timely and cost-effective manner.

All clients with a will-based estate plan are encouraged to schedule a free annual meeting to review their plan to ensure it remains up to date. At this meeting, we discuss each person named for a role in your estate plan documents to determine if they are still the right person for that role; whether your plan for distributing your assets needs updating; and  review your assets to ensure as many as possible are bypassing probate in order to make probate easier and lessen probate costs.