Trust-Based Estate Plans

Revocable Living Trust plans provide a tailored approach for clients seeking greater flexibility and expanded planning options, as well as for those desiring to avoid probate and reduce estate taxes. Revocable Living Trusts are appropriate for estates above the Vermont estate tax exemption threshold, as well as for specific situations, such as blended families, special needs children, and where the client owns property in more than one state, among others.

The Revocable Living Trust Portfolio includes counseling regarding incapacity planning and revocable living trusts, preparation of a revocable living trust and appropriate incapacity planning documents, and preparation of ancillary documents to assist your survivors wrap up your affairs in a timely and cost-effective manner.

All clients with a trust-based estate plan are encouraged to schedule a free annual meeting to review their plan to ensure it remains up to date. At this meeting, we discuss each person named for a role in your estate plan documents to determine if they are still the right person for that role; whether your plan for distributing your assets needs updating; and review your assets to ensure all appropriate assets are funded into your trust, as well as ensuring assets outside your trust are properly planned for.