We felt very comfortable discussing our affairs with Mr. Bartsch and appreciated his knowledge of the law and willingness to explain in language we could understand. Though we went in wanting just certain things to be covered, he opened our eyes to important areas we had not considered.

S.B. from South Burlington


Adam did an incredible job explaining our options, making helpful suggestions and always being sure we understood each step of the process. He was thoroughly prepared for each meeting and made sure we would be able to have our "homework" completed to bring to the next one. He was always prompt in returning calls and emails if we had questions. It helped get the documents completed expeditiously. He made a possibly daunting experience easy. We only wish we'd found him the first time around, we wouldn't have procrastinated updating our documents for so many years. We now have Peace of Mind! We highly recommend NEET and look forward to our continued relationship with Adam.

M.J. from Stowe


After procrastinating for a number of years, I have finally had my will drawn up by an attorney. It is good to have my affairs in order, knowing that my family and assets are protected. Thank you.

J.M. from South Burlington


It was wonderful to have the range of estate planning issues and options clearly explained so we were able to make informed decisions. 

J.H. from Burlington


NEET did an outstanding job for us. We were impressed on all the areas that were covered, and the knowledge of state and local laws.

R.V. from Williston


Estate planning is such an onerous responsibility, but NEET made the process as easy as could be. I believe every contingency has been covered and my heirs, too, will greatly appreciate NEET's skill.

D.L. from Fletcher


I had many ideas about how I wanted my affairs handled after I was gone or unable to care for myself. Mr. Bartsch was able to help me organize my thoughts and set up a plan that met my satisfaction on all fronts. Thank you.

P.C. from South Burlington


Thorough explanations in the various options of estate planning. Great guidance through the options without being overbearing. Outstanding service for a reasonable price.

W.E. from South Burlington


Adam listens carefully and explains carefully. His responses show understanding of the client's situation, concerns and needs.

W.C. from Shelburne


Adam, you exemplified the perfect blend of professionalism and personal touches that allowed this process to be done in such a smooth manner. I really enjoyed working with you. Thanks for all your help and keep up with the excellent work.

S.C. from Essex Junction


Adam did an excellent job explaining the many options available to us in terms of our estate planning. He had many handouts that were helpful for us in making decisions. Adam was always available to talk.

M.O. from Fletcher


Adam knows his [stuff] -- explains issues clearly -- and was great to work with. If I could die twice, I'd use him again.

A.N. from Burlington


Estate planning is more complex than we ever imagined. Adam's expertise, professionalism, organizational skills and patience made this daunting process comfortable for both of us. 

D.D. from South Burlington


I appreciated Adam's efficiency, attention to detail, concern about my specific situation, and ability to make complex matters much clearer. 

M.B. from Burlington


 Adam was great to work with from beginning to end. He was very effective in explaining complex legal concepts in a clear and concise manner. He was great at working with us to set up an Estate Plan that met all our needs. Adam took the time to understand our situation and our personal concerns and did not push us into a Trust-based plan, which I think, most attorneys would have done. Thanks!!!

J.H. from Shelburne


NEET was fantastic to work with through the estate planning process. Adam's knowledge and ability to explain the benefits of estate planning was clear and easy to understand. He was also very good at keeping us focused and on track. In addition, Adam was a very good listener to our concerns. I highly recommend NEET.

S.L. from Warren


Adam made a daunting process easy -- he explained everything step by step and made sure we understood the ramifications of each decision. He was efficient and thorough. We look forward to working with him in the years to come.

A.H. from Charlotte


NEET provided me with a stress-free process while working through a set of complex documents. It was done in a friendly, informative, organized and meticulous manner. A beautifully organized binder with every document promised and some besides was the end result.

A.L. from Jericho


Sensitive, thorough, expert -- Adam maintained a very high level of comfort for us throughout the entire process. His preparation for each meeting made our appointments quite efficient. His organization inspired complete confidence.

K.P. from Charlotte


Adam is a highly competent estate planner! His deliberate approach, calm demeanor and keen listening skills made the experience go smoothly . . . and we learned a great deal along the way.

G.E. from Shelburne


I think many people are hesitant to do wills and planning for the very reason that they don’t want to tempt fate by doing so. That of course went through my mind as I was working with you, but am realistic enough to know it is just the "luck of the draw" . . . and I must say, as I lay in my hospital bed not sure of my future it was very comforting to know that I had done great planning with your help. Had I not done the planning my anxiety level would have been off the charts.

 Again, thanks for being there for me!!


- D.P. from Stowe

Adam, you quickly established your competence and earned our trust in you, then followed through to completion earning our highest respect.


- W.S. from South Burlington

I have spent a number of sessions with Mr. Bartsch over the past three years and have come away feeling fully satisfied with the service. I think the aspect I like the most about Adam is that he is not in a big hurry to charge for every minute of his time. He waits until tangible results are produced and then bills you for specific services rendered. The results are of high quality and the charges are fair. You can't say that about all lawyers. Additionally, Adam is just interesting to talk to. He knows his area of expertise extremely well and he is a good listener.


- T.G. from Shelburne

We both feel fortunate to have you as our estate attorney. You provided to us a thoroughness of the highest level.


- P.P. from Shelburne

NEET provided us a valuable service at a very fair price, and without a lot of fuss!


- S.C. from Colchester

I can't believe I lucked out so well in finding you on my search of the Internet!

We were very pleased with the entire proceeding from the beginning to the completion of the procedure with NEET. Adam was very friendly yet professional, and he was available for all of our questions. We will miss our appointments with him.


- M.H. from Bakersfield

Adam Bartsch of NEET did an excellent job of guiding me through this daunting process of estate planning. I don't like to think of my demise, but when you have family and children to think of, you must put aside your own uncomfortableness.


- B.V. from Ferrisburgh

Estate Planning is quite complex and cannot be done alone. NEET definitely exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend it!


- F. L. from South Burlington

Once I finally made the decision to jump into estate planning, I wanted to get it done as expeditiously as possible, while being sure I was thorough. NEET took me through the process in a way that I felt confident in my choices and decisions and it was completely pleasant, interesting and non-tedious.


- K.F. from Charlotte

We had been intending to get our legal affairs in order for years. NEET made the process easy and guided us through every step. The peace of mind from knowing our estate and children are protected is priceless.


- P.R. from Shelburne

Thank you for all your help, Adam. We look forward to working with you in the future!


- G.B. from Plattsburg

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