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NorthEast Estates and Trusts, PLLC (NEET) works closely with financial professionals in several ways.

First, NEET often works with a client's circle of professionals. This may include a financial advisor, accountant and insurance professional, among others. Collaboration allows us to better understand the client's needs, engage in well thought out strategies to maximize value for the client, and learn from one another what options might be available to benefit our other clients.

Second, NEET has an extensive library of articles and handouts on estate planning issues. These documents aim to educate the financial professional generally about an estate planning topic or strategy. These documents won't make you an estate planning expert, but they will enable you to understand when and how an estate planning strategy may fit your client's particular situation.

Third, if you and your professional colleagues, or a select group of clients, would like to discuss a specific topic or estate planning strategy in depth, NEET is available to present private seminars. Seminars can be held at your office or a location suitable for larger audiences.

Finally, if your firm circulates a client newsletter and would like a contributed article on any aspect of estate planning, NEET will write a custom story for your publication. Writer Adam Bartsch is currently published every month in local and national publications and has contributed to local financial firms' client-based newsletters.

Regardless of the form of collaboration, NEET recognizes we are each experts in our chosen field. NEET's relationship with financial professionals acknowledges these spheres of expertise and is one of mutual cooperation, respect and devotion to enhancing value for our clients.

For more information, call NEET at 802-985-8811.

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