Overview of Vermont's New Rules for People Dying Without a Will
"A mere 222 years after initial passage, Vermont’s intestacy laws underwent their first major revision in June 2009 . . ."

Building Flexibility Into Estate Plans with Trust Protectors
"There are situations where an estate plan must be practically written in stone . . ."

New Law Allows Vehicles to Pass Probate Free
"Vermont introduced many changes to its estate planning laws in 2009 . . ."

Estate Planning With Difficult Children in Mind
"It’s always an uncomfortable question, but one that has been weighing on the parent . . ."

Creative Ways to Pay for Education
"The new school year is around the corner and tuition bills are due . . ."

Probate and Intestacy Are Readers' Biggest Concerns
"There has been more upheaval in the estate planning world in 2010 than at any time since 1916 . . ."

A Family Meeting to Discuss Your Estate Plan
"With Thanksgiving and the holiday season approaching, it’s a good time to consider . . ."

New Rules for Death and Taxes
"When a much maligned tax expires, that's usually a good thing. Unless, of course, . . ."

Beneficiary Trusts: Don't Wait for Your Parents to Make the Right Decisions
"Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands. Particularly when the stakes are high . . ."

Re-Emergence of the Vermont Estate Tax
"One of the sticking points in the budget negotiations between the Vermont legislature and Governor Douglas has been . . ."

Unlimited Educational and Medical Payments Allowed Under Gift Tax Exemption
"With tax season soon upon us, we are all reminded of how absurdly complex the tax code is . . ."

Factors to Consider in Choosing an Estate Plan
"Most people know that having an estate plan is a good idea, but they have a limited knowledge of what options exist . . ."

Two Basic Documents to Protect Your Children
"Estate planning solutions often involve numerous documents to achieve the desired results, but the fundamental goals are usually quite simple . . ."

Why Wives Are Right to Be Concerned About Estate Planning
"When couples engage in estate planning, it's usually at the wife's urging . . ."

Including Digital Assets in Your Estate Plan
"Aside from your filing cabinet, where do you keep most of your important information . . ."

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